Burning Man steps out of its desert home and into the Renwick Gallery


Although DC isn’t usually associated with art, a vibrant scene exists in its museums and galleries. This summer, the Renwick Gallery was at the center of this scene as it hosted an intriguing exhibit centered on Nevada’s legendary Burning Man festival. The gallery’s curators greatly transformed the space to accommodate for the pieces– most notably, the main chamber was converted into a large wooden temple. Visitors who entered the temple were told to be silent and take a moment to reflect on their lives. Small wooden blocks were placed so visitors could write these thoughts out and later release them, by placing the blocks on one of the temple’s walls.

When I visited the gallery, I found this room strange but impactful. The design of the room created an atmosphere of  comfort and peace. It was a very open space and it was made solely of wood. It felt surreal and unfamiliar, and because of this, it allowed you to reflect on life with more perspective. The room, and the exhibit in general, reminded me of why I love installation art.  By physically entering an art piece, you can’t help but to interact with evert component and that is why they are so effective.


Link to image: http://www.bmoreart.com/2018/04/a-taste-of-burning-man-in-the-nations-capital.html


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