Maybe the greatest artistic collaboration of 2018

It’s back-to-school, which –– on Penn’s campus –– translates to a nonsensical frenzy  of constant partying, OCR events, frantically shopping for classes, and applying to clubs.  Recently I was breezing through an online club application when the last section of the Google Form forced me to pause.

"Paste a link below to something you think is dope."

I surfed the internet for awhile before stumbling across this YouTube video.  It’s an advertisement for the new Apple HomePod directed by filmmaker Spike Jonze featuring singer-songwriter FKA Twigs and music by rapper Anderson Paak.  The ad was released in March and is thus probably old news to those of you who are more pop-culturally literate than myself, but what it lacks in newness it certainly makes up for in dopeness.  I submitted it with my application and couldn’t help but share it here as well.

Despite the fact that I will literally never be convinced to spend $349 on a glorified Alexa (which, by the way, can only play Apple Music in a not-so-subtle continuation of Apple’s War On Spotify), I can’t stop watching this ad on repeat.  Spike Jonze’s direction is original and shocking, FKA Twigs is a vision, and the auditory backdrop, Anderson Paak’s new single “‘Til It’s Over” is a major banger.

I can’t say I’ve ever been this enthralled by an advertisement, and I’m not mad about it.

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