Autonomous Volvo 360c Concept Takes on the Airliner

Travel is a constantly evolving process in human history that has come a long way since the development of the wheel. While companies like Tesla have found difficulty implanting utopic and futuristic transportation innovations, the concept of traveling is constantly being redesigned in new and fascinating ways. The advent of Intelligent Technology and Artificial Intelligence systems has revolutionized the possible methods of travel from the perspective of the traveling individual. While airlines seem to be cramping their passengers experiences, cutting edge technology still dreams of new ways of arriving at distant destinations in more comfortable and dreamy ways.

One such curious development in the travel technology world is the emergence of autonomous vehicles which, through design specifications, aim to challenge the comfortable experience of flying in business and first class seating arrangements. Specifically, the Autonomous Volvo 360c has aimed to utilize changes in machine design in Autonomous cars to revolutionize how automobile seating is arranged, particularly for long distance travel via automobile. By removing steering wheel and other machine design requirements in traditional manually operated cars, the cabin space of automobiles may be expanded and reconfigured. In this way, Volvo posits that automobile cabin design can expand and alter the scope of travel markets automobiles customarily dominates. The new design and function of autonomous vehicles offers new ways off thinking about how people travel in the 21st century.

While there are numerous obstacles to a mass implementation of autonomous cars, companies around the world continue to develop the technology that autonomous and AI systems offer. The future might be more closer than you think.

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