Cranes in the Sky

This summer I listened to an episode of the podcast Song Exploder about Solange’s song “Cranes in the Sky.”

This continues to be one of Solange’s most popular songs and it took her years to produce it. As she explains in the podcast, she took her time with the song because she was constantly being inspired by the sounds around her and wanted to incorporate them into her music. She discusses the use of a toy harp, the influence of the sounds of Miami, and even the backtracking that mirrors voices of matronly figures in her life.

When I first heard the podcast I was so in awe of her artistry and ability to turn something as simple as the noises she hears in her daily life into a song that is simultaneously popular and catchy while also not following any conventional musical rules.

For obvious reasons, her musical process reminds me greatly of our current project because they are both centered around presenting sounds in an abstract way. When I first heard Solange’s podcast my thought was “I could never be that creative” and while I still think I will never quite be at Solange’s level I am excited by this project that is giving me a platform to at least try.

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