FACES – Art is the Personal

This past week was extremely sad and the music world lost a great talent and human being, Mac Miller, at the age of 26. Miller has been making music professionally since he was 18 years old. Mac’s music was always extremely personal no matter what he was going through in life. I believe he was the perfect example of how artist of any medium should add a personal imprint on their art. One of Mac’s most intriguing projects, is his mixtape called faces.

This mixtape came out at a time when Mac was having serious problems with depressions and turned to drug to address these feelings. He often talked about the concept of feeling like he’s inside and outside all the time, which I believe was him explaining how drugs helped him not to feel the very emotions he was dealing with on the inside. The cover art for this project is very intriguing. You can see various distorted faces and body parts all looking in on each other and interacting, while a small figure that can be interpreted as Mac  standing in the bottom corner looking out off the canvas. I think when fans look at this cover they often already know what type of music to expect because the continuation of theme is so clear.

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