Meet Clifford the Big Red Dog IRL


‘Spot’ by artist Donald Lipski, is located right outside of Hassenfield Children’s Hospital. Besides the fiberglass dalmatian sculpture itself being 24-feet tall, the NY taxi perched on its nose, is a real car! Even the window wipers are programmed to turn on when it starts raining! Lipski’s intent in placing the piece right outside of the children’s hospital is not only to play into the ‘joyful absurdities’ of childrens’ imaginations, but also to represent the assets we hope to find in our doctors – focus, confidence, patience and sweetness. ‘Spot’ plays into multiple generations of animations including Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’, and the children’s picture book series, ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’. It is intended to take tourists, New Yorkers, and people of the Hassenfield Hospital alike, back to the ever-growing creative cloud we were all so familiar with as a children.



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