Wavelength: Reset

In Shanghai, a number of art museums have opened in succession within the past year.  The Powerlong Museum was opened with the intent of showcasing Chinese art. Its new hit show Wavelength: Reset seems to contradict this agenda with its modern and outside-the-box approach. The collection has become viral on social media, garnering worldwide attention.

The show is designed to look like a film set where the audience walks from room to room. The designs are aware of current fashion trends and attempts to appropriate aspects of our consumer culture.

I believe that Wavelength: Reset is telling us to embrace globalization. Its great to hone in and showcase work of a specific culture, but it’s much more powerful when art discusses trends and issues from all over the world and showing how they interact. This is also evidenced by an art piece that was discussed in the article titled WORLD: A new perspective (2018), a crowd of friendly giants knit together with patchwork. I don’t think it can get more straight forward than that.

From the images in the article, the show seems to still ground itself with Chinese art and politics. With a multi-faceted approach, the show may even showcase and analyze Chinese art on a deeper level.

Photo & Article: https://hyperallergic.com/459486/in-shanghai-a-future-of-endless-museum-photo-ops/


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