If Instagram Had a Super Bowl…



When we think of amazing works of art we think of things like the MET, or maybe the Emmy’s. We don’t, however, think of Instagram, a platform that is full of everything from blurry pictures of a friend in a funny outfit to only-ok-looking sandwiches.

That said, among this sea, there are some really outstanding photographs, designs, and art.  One account that I want to highlight today is the Denver Broncos account. Again, an account for an NFL team may not be the most intuitive place to look for art, but they are so in tune with their audience and create really phenomenal pieces of graphic design.

I was first reminded of this account as I sat down to ponder where I saw good uses of iconography in my life. My mind went to infographics as I design them for the DP regularly. I began to think about the places from which I draw inspiration and I was reminded of the blue and orange themed account that frequently dots my Instagram feed.

The Broncos know how to speak to their audience. All of their graphics are heavily colored by orange and blue, produce strong imagery, and often feature a picture of a player. They use their own logo, as well as that of sponsors, in order to accomplish subtle advertising in a visually appealing way.

This account is a great example of commercialized art and the ways in which you can use graphic design to portray information in a visual appealing way. This is the kind of art that I am personally drawn to and so I find this account very inspiring. As such, I wanted to discuss it, especially going into a project that is more focused around presenting information. Plus, today is game day #BeatTheRaiders.

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