Vignelli’s New York

Like Julie, I too searched up famous graphic designers, and ended up loving the designs of Massimo Vignelli and Lella Vignelli. I too found the scope of his work astounding, but it fits in line with his philosophy, “If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”

The design of theirs that stands out as most significant is the New York Subway system. They designed the signs that guide you through the New York subway, as well as the maps themselves. Having visited New York many times, as Californian with very little public transport experience, it’s just a really easy system to learn.

They type face is bold yet soft,  basic bright but not over saturated colors that make up the different interwoven subway lines. Its just very pleasant, and one of the most iconic symbols of New York.

The Vignelli design team has also designed the Bloomingdales logo, American Airlines logo, and bunch of other logos and objects.ml_ Massimo Vignelli_Mohawk_06_700



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