Maxo Kream and The New Wave of Gangsta Rap Videos

Maxo Kream is a native of my home town in Houston Texas and over the years his music has started to become more popular around the country. One clear theme in his music is his affiliation with the forum park crips on the southside of Houston Texas. He often talks about criminal acts he performed on behalf of the gang in his music and his music typically subscribes to the typical sound of gangsta rap without much variation. Because of this track record many fans were surprised when the rapper sampled the psychedelic rock band Tame Impala in his song “Pop Another”. The sample gave the song unique sonic feel that Maxo hadn’t experimented with ever before and showed his growth as an artist.

I find the greatest interest in the music video produced for this song. In the past Maxo’s videos subscribed to the typical depictions of gangsta rap, such as, brandishing guns, drugs, and general scenes of crime.  They are very simple with no very innovative edits are artistry added. However in his video for “Pop Another”      directed by LONEWOLF you see the video match the creativity of the song. It mimics much of the psychedelic imagery that would be found in a Tame Impala video. There are still many of the original troupes of the gangsta rap video imbedded, but there is more creativity and artistry included. I believe this is the overall direction that gangsta rap is heading.

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