Selam Fessahaye

For those of us who love fashion, Vogue has blessed us with a wonderful app called Vogue Runway, where all designer collections for every season are posted in real time. I was recently perusing the Spring 2019 shows and fell in love with Selam Fessahaye’s collection.

The collection is full of looks that are all so relevant in today’s pop culture. The sheer fabrics, the utilitarian silhouettes, the nudes, and the neons are all styles that have been seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

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Fessahaye delivers a youthful and modern punch with these looks, shown in the first row below. She also delivers some high-fashion, couture touches with the oversized-ness, dramatic color-blocking, and asymmetrical hems.

Fashion is such a representative art form. One can look at this collection in a pop culture context, seeing how it reflects street style, or rather, how it is influencing street style. One can also look at it in a high fashion context, noting the nod to countless other designers (Balenciaga, Vetements, Comme des Garçons) with the oversized-ness and color blocking. Lastly, this can be interpreted from a culture context. The oversized suits in the colorful prints seem like a nod to the zoot suits worn by African Americans in the 1940s (although that was not what was intended by the designer).

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