Acclaimed designer’s work now on exhibition in Philadelphia

Anne Neukamp is a German designer and graphic artist.  A selection of her most recent work is on exhibition at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia through Friday, September 28.

I chose to highlight this exhibition because it’s local and relevant to our curriculum.  Both of our projects so far have stressed the importance of creating dynamic compositions and utilizing symbolism while maintaining an appealing and consistent aesthetic.  Neukamp’s work reminded me a little bit of our icons project.  When looking at some of her works, I can’t help but guess that the forms are representing.  What is the artist trying to convey by juxtaposing the metal ring with the softer pink-and-brown shape, perhaps resembling the pelvic area of some unseen person? What is the significance of the paperclip on top of the red, blood-like smear?  I was inspired by these paintings and plan to incorporate some elements of them into my icon project.

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