Dressing “Global”

The way we dress says a lot about who we our as people. Being of Indian origin, as long as I can remember people have worn Indian clothes (such as saris & lehengas) in a strictly Indian context. These clothes conveyed a sense of traditionalism, connection to ones roots and family and Indian values.

However, just recently I was on my Instagram explore page when I found a blogger who has completely re-invented what it means to wear Indian clothes. She has modernised it to a level where its new and exciting without losing its traditional touch. Instead of wearing the conventional Indian Blouse, she wore a trendy white off-shoulder top, keeping the Sari ( the pink drape ) very simple.



Not just her, even the biggest celebrities have gone in and experimented with Indian clothes, adding their own little twist. One for example, was the famous Kim Kardashian.

Image result for indian saree sabyasachi

All in all, there is movement towards modernising Indian wear and making it more accessable to people all around the world.




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