Uber Redesign 2019

Uber recently redesigned their whole brand last week. Given that we are currently working on communicating messages through icons, it was interesting to learn about the thought process that went on when they were redesigning the website. In the redesign of Uber they focused on making sure that their brand was recognizable throughout the world. They discussed their brand system and the different components of it such as typography, composition, and color. It was interesting to see just how much thought went into the smallest details for the app. I gained a new appreciation for all the logos that I see and how intentional they all are. I am more excited about the sign that I am creating and I want to think more about what message I am sending similar to how Uber thought about their redesign. I would strongly encourage people to check out the website for inspiration and learnings. https://www.uber.design/case-studies/rebrand-2018 . logo-on-phone

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