The emergence of Instagram Worth Exhibitions-The Color Factory

I recently saw my friend who posted a picture of herself in the Color Factory, an interactive exhibition that opened in Soho, New York this summer. I’m honestly not a great fan of Instagram-worth exhibitions or made for Instagram exhibitions; however, if I were to put myself in an open-mindset, this could also be another form of contemporary art.

In my opinion, the Color Factory seems to be better than the other made for Instagram exhibitions-because it explores colors-which is a quite simple but fundamental notion in art. I would imagine Pantone creating an exhibition-but I guess the Color Factory set itself first.

There seems to be a deterritorialization of what is even considered as an art exhibition- or just a play space for taking pictures. I appreciate this exhibition compared to the others because the Color Factory’s primary focus seems to be on graphic design/ illustration. I was skeptical about food exhibitions-like the Ice Cream one- but color has its own theory and universal concepts that can be applied not only to art but also to advertising, media, design…etc.


Color Factory Official Website


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