The Sound of Beach House

Beach House is one of my favorite bands, and I’ve always thought of their music as sort of abstract and ethereal. Our class discussions about composition, the meaning behind composition, and how to use composition to convey abstract ideas has had me thinking of Beach House in a new light.

I’ve been listening to one of my favorite album by them, Bloom, and realizing that their sound has a unique composition. There tends to be a combination of light, tinkly sounds, and more dense, solid sounds like the drums or synthesizer. The guitar is usually steady and happy, while the lyrics tends to be drawling and slow. Their music can be interpreted as both sad and hopeful. It simultaneously puts you in another dimension that doesn’t feel like reality, and yet brings you back to yourself in these surprising yet satisfying moments.

I think it’s really cool how a collection of sounds, and the way they’re juxtaposed, can convey all of these emotions.


(p.s. apologies for the late post, I just realized this was still in my drafts and never published :/ )

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