More On Animation

Fitting to our discussion in today’s class, and to our upcoming project, Colossal recently posted about an animated music video made by Daniel Zvereff. The animation is made up of simple sketches of faces, objects (such as animals and planets), and abstract shapes. What makes the animation particularly interesting is the way that negative space is used, as well as the way that the shapes blend into each other. A pair of interlaced fingers turns into brain (0:23), while someone’s head gets split apart and turned into a planet (2:15).

The use of varying strokes to create movement is a really interesting and cool technique. I especially enjoy when the scribble of blue gets wiped away, and you realize its analogous to steam on a mirror right after you’ve taken a hot shower (0:54).

There is also a certain fluidity that is made with some of his lines. For example, these wavering lines are radiated of a single dot as it orbits around a circle, varying the space it takes up on the page (difficult to put into words, but watch it at 1:48).

Lastly, the mirror effect of the faces is really fascinating and clearly intentional, considering there is no actual division of the page that is keeps the faces from blending into each other (1:05).

All these impressions were made while watching the video on mute.  The music is unexpectedly solemn, but matches up with the animation satisfyingly. Some of the imagery makes much more visual sense when put in the context of the music, so that definitely speaks to how sound contributes to visual animation.

Music video:

Colossal article:


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