How Kandinsky Helped me with 1.3

For most of Project 1.3, I was in a creative rut. In an attempt to escape that rut, I asked my brother, a Fine Arts minor, for some artists he thought might help inspire me. Of the artists he suggested, he singled out Wassily Kandinsky as possibly the most helpful for me. After reading up on the artist and studying some of his more popular works, I began to take inspiration from his use of color and the character of lines to represent emotion, something I was struggling with in my own compositions. Also, I was able to take inspiration from his use of music to assist in the creation of art by curating my own playlist of songs which I felt matched the emotion of what I was aiming for in my composition. While this may sound trivial to some, the addition of music to my workflow greatly increased my creativity and gave me newfound inspiration for my studies, and eventually my final. Studying abstract artists is an exercise I would definitely recommend to anyone else with a creative block, and Kandinsky is a great place to start.

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