Redline: A Fantastic Feat of Animation

Redline is a Japanese animated movie that was released in August 2009.  Redline is about a guy named who JP takes on great risks for the chance of winning an underground race. Redline was produced by the animation studio MadHouse and directed by Takeshi Koike. There was a great deal of work that went into the creation of this anime film.  We had discussed in class that in order to create a 1 minute animation you needed about 250 hand drawn pictures. The Redline film lasted 102 minutes. If we are going by the earlier calculation then you would need around 25,500 hand drawn pictures. For the Redline movie there were 100,000 hand drawn pictures made. It took 9 years of production until the film was ready for release. If we look at the movie every single frame of it has such incredible detail that its amazing to watch. Every movement and every action in the film is filled with so much expression and vitality. Redline is an example of animation taken to the extreme and it has been made into a wonderful animation.

Image result for redline

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