“The Fearless Girl”

Kristen Visbal's The Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street. Courtesy of Logan Hasson via Instagram.

Since 2017, the statue of the “Fearless girl” by Kristen Visbal has been standing strong in the heart of Walls Street in New York City. Since being built, it has sparked conversation about the necessity of gender diversity in the workplace and has been the starting point for a much larger movement towards equality. While the statue has been controversial, it has been impactful. It has got people to start thinking, talking and internalising the issues women in business face.

Just recently it has been decided that the  statue of the”Fearless Girl” will temporarily be moved to Dublin, Ireland to support Climate Change initiatives that are being undergone there. Authorities feel that moving her there will help create a similar sense of conversation and urgency in the realm of climate change as it previously did in the business world.

In general, its interesting to me to see how a simple piece of sculpture or art can convey such a strong social message that can spur people to change both their thoughts and their actions.

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