Brenda Chapman

Having just finished show week for Bloomers, the all female comedy troupe that I am a part of, I am definitely on a big feminist kick. I mean, I am always on a big feminist kick, but it is especially on the forefront of my mind right now.

One of the bits in the Bloomers show referenced the Disney movie Brave and so I started doing some research on it, wondering how the animation was done. In a lucky twist of fate, I realized that Brave was actually animated by a woman, something that is pretty uncommon in the industry.

Brenda Chapman has been everything from the head of story for The Lion King to the co-director for Prince of Egypt. Her most proud moment of her career is Brave because it features Pixar’s first ever female protagonist. The production was made by woman for everyone and it was such a successful project.

Brave not only wove the story of a fierce young woman who is not afraid to take care of herself, but it also some astonishing feats of animation. It captures the feel of medieval Scotland and animates unruly red hair perfectly.

Brave has been one of my favorite movies for a long time, but I am so glad I know a little more know about the story behind it and the feminist power it really has. 

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