Cole Bennet’s Cinematography Shines in “Kamikaze”

In my weekly music video binge, I was delighted to find that one of my favorite directors, Cole Bennet, had teamed up with the up and coming Lil Mosey for a music video for his song “Kamikaze”. While admittedly not a Lil Mosey fan, the song provided a fun canvas from which Bennet could work. An exciting aspect of the film that has been seen more and more in Cole Bennet’s work is the prioritization of cinematography over effects. The video is beautifully shot with a soft and playful color palette that compliments Lil Mosey’s crooning. The effects in the film are minimal, showing that Bennet has really come into his own as a director and is hiding less so behind the post-production he became known for. While not as impactful as some of his other films, “Kamikaze” shows a laid back side of Bennet that is relaxing in a world of effect driven music videos.

Check out the music video here.

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