Cosmic Surgery

The project by artist Alma Haser entitled Cosmic Surgery is both hauntingly framed and impressively creative.

This artist uses folded paper to evoke the idea of plastic surgery. She puts the paper in front of people’s faces and then photographs them in an old-timey style. Everything from the dress to the quality of the photograph creates a contrast between a natural nostalgic backdrop and a modern, twisted forefront, created by the paper art.

This is impressive not only in the meaning that it is able to portray, but also in the way that the composition of the pieces come together. Through her paper folding she is able to create a connotation of plastic surgery, modernity, and even evince cosmic undertones.

I find her work to be breathtaking and I think that it is so much in line with what we are trying to do in class. There is the obvious element of paper folding, but I think there are more similarities as well. This is an artist who is representing a trend she has seen in her world through art and that is exactly what we are trying to do as well.

She has other works too, most of which include the interesting use of paper and photography and all of which are very striking.

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