Alex Da Corte’s Rubber Pencil Devil


This weekend, I visited Pittsburgh and had an opportunity to visit the Carnegie Museum of Art. The Museum had a plethora of installation-based works, but in particular, Alex Da Corte’s work captured my interest. Having seen his work in New York-the Karma exhibition, I think Alex Da Corte’s works are playful and in that sense captivates the viewers to engage with them. Alex Da Corte’s Rubber Pencil Devil is a transparent house with neon tubing, based on Robert Venturi’s Ghost House. Inside the house, he projects different videos and places chairs for people to sit down and watch the short films. Alex Da Corte was inspired by Peeping Tom (1960). What makes his project very interesting is that it involves the spectator of the house and viewers inside the house engaging in two different experiences simultaneously-being watched and watching (the videos). Although this work of Alex Da Corte is more based on a museum environment, I thought it had connections with the current project that we are working on.


(GARAGE) Alex Da Corte’s Neon Ghost House


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