Pulse: Yet another example of data visualization

Over Thanksgiving break, I went home to Washington DC and visited the Hirshhorn, where I saw an interesting exhibit called “Pulse” by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Pulse was highly interactive and fused together biology, data science, and art. At the center of the exhibit was the theme of identity, with the idea of the heartbeat being the most unique part of a human being. Pieces thus collected heart rate information and represented it visually. The piece in the cover image of this post (which I took myself), was one of the most striking parts of “Pulse”. In this section,  sensors measured visitors’ heart rate and represented it through the flickering of lights: the frequency of the lights turning on/off in the room reflected the beat. I liked how this exhibit took aspects of the one person(who approached the sensor and got their heart-beat measured) and turned it into a shared experience. It showed how unique we are but how much we share at the same time.

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