Newcomer James Mackel Shines Directing “Guns N Butter”

With so many established names in the music video scene, it comes as a surprise that A$AP Rocky would tap James Mackel for the visuals for “Guns N Butter” off his recent project TESTING. Mackel has few videos under his belt, but his credits include another AWGE production, “New Choppa” by Playboi Carti feat. A$AP Rocky. The video takes a trippy song and turns it into a trip of a movie that requires more than one watch to fully absorb the editing magic. Mackel is able to blend the real and surreal in ways that not many other directors on the scene have, and I would definitely recommend giving “Guns N Butter” a watch if you are into the kind of psychedelic ideas that Rocky has been channeling as of recent. The video can be watched here and is 18+, but it is one of the top videos on my radar right now and definitely worth two, three, or more watches.

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