Hidji Films Shines Once Again in “Tony Tone”

For my final blog post, I was delighted to find that Hidji Films had produced yet another video for rap superstar A$AP Rocky. One of my favorite songs off of his new album Testing, “Tony Tone” is turned into a cinematic journey through Rocky’s life, Uptown New York, and the nature of his thoughts. We see Rocky and the AWGE posse travel through Harlem, intercut with depictions of the industrial test sites that inspired the album as well as cuts depicting a younger Rocky’s birthday. The editing, as always from Hidji, is trippy yet continuous as we explore Rocky’s mind. The video feels more like a film than a normal music video as the non-diegetic sound is mixed with the diegetic, creating an abnormal production that is signature of the AWGE clique. I highly recommend watching the video as directors like Hidji are driving the new age of music video production, giving songs more than just a playful screenplay of flexing and driving home that music videos can be more than what they seem. The video can be watched here, and I highly recommend any aspiring director to dissect Hidji’s work as he brings in a new era of sound representation.

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