Playing Off the Unexpected

In thinking about our last project on public art, I was trying to find some interesting examples and came across an artist named Nina Saunders, who makes really interesting sculptures. She takes normal household items – armchairs, pianos, etc. – and turns them into dripping art pieces. She places them in exhibits but also public placeAlthough there is not much participation required from the viewer, the piece provokes interesting thought. Taking such mundane, everyday items, and turning them into liquid, oily, synthetic form, makes you think of the superficiality of it all. The way we commoditize something so necessary as shelter by using fancy furnishings in our houses or putting a grand piano in the foyer – it’s really all just luxury and not really necessary.

I also think of “liquidity” which is a finance term that I know thanks to my handy dandy Wharton education. Liquidity is basically another word for money – there are non-liquid assets which is mainly property, and liquid assets are mainly cash, stocks, or bonds. No idea if that was intentional on the artist’s part but it adds an extra element to the piece.



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