Torch Magazine

I am an intensely project-based photographer. I love having a larger task or goal to chip away at and mull over for a long time. After being published in multiple works by other students as well as my own book, I decided to try to make a magazine by myself. I wanted to do this as a challenge to teach myself design and illustration. I also wanted to photograph as many people as I could before I graduated and didn’t have the same access to classmates as I do now.

Torch Magazine is a commemorative platform for seniors (not necessarily at Penn). Each senior gets a personalized shoot and 300 words to express anything they want. I wanted to give everyone a platform to express themselves how they wanted to as well as immortalize them in an important milestone of their lives.

So far I’ve photographed several seniors, and each shoot has been incredible. I love having an hour of intimate time with someone I either never knew before or haven’t gotten a chance to chat with.

I’m excited for the project to be published at the end of the year. Let me know if you want a copy!

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