Sustainable Coffee Packing Installation

This pice is a sprawling colorful and richly textured installation done by Lisa Hoke for Lavazza’s headquarters in Italy. They are an Italian coffee company dedicated to sustainability.

So Lisa was able to use nearly all the materials they use in their packaging plant in whatever quantity she needed to make this installation.

I think its a fantastic concept for a corporate commission to use their materials to build an installation, especially if their materials are sustainable.

It is a continuous thread of different segments almost woven togheter like a quilt that highlights different textures. There’s at least one moment of representation of a tree but i think The installation really captures what makes the materials unique and in highlighting their unique  attributes in one piece, you really draw attention to sustainability.

This work is very much in Lisa Hoke’s style  expect slightly muted palette wise due to the limitations with materials.

The link below is to a blog post on this Lavazza commission.

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