Something Navy

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10-20 years ago it would be crazy to think that you could create a career by posting your life on social media platforms like Instagram. But, today many bloggers have made this a reality.

One of my favourite bloggers, Arielle Charnas, known by the name “Something Navy” went from being a normal girl interested in fashion to a Instagram sensation and fashion Icon. With over a million followers, she just recently launched her own clothing line available exclusively in Nordstrom.


Whats stands out about her, and many such bloggers is how they’re reinventing how traditional jobs can be done. You no longer need to first come up with a fashion label, then focus on branding and marketing and then selling. With bloggers like Something Navy, they first work to create a massive brand through their Instagram following and then launch a product that people implicitly trust and want given their familiarity.

This inspires me as it tells a story in which you can achieve a goal through the most innovative & creative ways. Be it through blogging about your passions or capturing the world through the lens of your smartphone, you yourself are enough.

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