The Creative Brains Behind ‘Worlds’


Going into Project 2, and looking into the world of animation, I turned to my own personal experiences in that realm. At first, I did not think I had much exposure to animation throughout my lifetime. However, after second thought, I realized I may have more experience with animation than I may have realized.

One of my favorite pastimes, especially during my time at Penn has been attending concerts. I’ve always had a passion for music and a deep respect for the profession, which has led me to attend more concerts that I can count over these past few years. Probably the most memorable of which was Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds’ tour a couple years back. I remember even back then, being captivated by the unique visuals combining a Japanese anime style with pixel art. I decided to delve into the creative process behind the visuals – how did the mountain of ideas from one mind come together into one comprehensive visual experience to fill a stage, captivating thousands?


DM_SH01 (1).jpg


Not surprisingly, it took a village. A very creatively and artistically talented village apparently. The creative process involved the initial ideas from Porter Robinson, and his vision rooted from his music being translated into a rough storyboard created by a team of illustrators, CG artists, concept artists, and pixel artists. What really impressed me was the amount of thought and time put into each character, each millisecond-long scene, and not to mention synching each visual concept to Porter’s music, which is awe-inspiring in and of itself. It was crazy to see the process behind Porter’s show, which makes me appreciate being able to have experienced it even more.


Sketch Fresh Static Snow Storyboards


Image result for porter robinson worlds tour

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